TrueBlue Fraser Fir

Our exclusive TrueBlue Fraser® trees are grown from our own seeds collected from our seed orchard.  Each tree that was chosen to be included in our orchard was selected from our plantations over the past thirty years often only 1 tree picked out of 100,000 trees.  Through grafting and controlled pollination we have been able to produce enough seeds to satisfy our customers needs. 

Each tree in our orchards have been selected for it's desirable characteristics.  The TrueBlue Fraser is unsurpassed in both fragrance and needle retention.  It has a deep blue green colour with soft needles and sturdy branches.   A late flushing naturally resistent to disease tree which responds well to our enviromentally conscientious farming program.



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Along with our diamond planting techniques each tree has optimum space to grow. All of our trees are basal pruned at a young age to provide a desirable handle with strong lower ring branches.

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